Purple Mountain Majesties: Weeks 40 and 41

Greetings to our loyal readers who’ve followed us more than 15,000 miles across this great country and now, most of the way back. We’ve arrived at our new digs in Oklahoma City, in a state that no one can quite agree if it’s part of the south, the midwest, or the plains states. But we’ll leave that for a future blog. This one is firmly set in the mountains – or rather, along the edge of them.

America The Beautiful Park, Colorado Springs, CO – July 2022
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Don’t Fence Me In: Weeks 38 and 39

Hello and welcome to yet another chapter of our Great Swing Back East. We’re now fully east of the Rockies for the first time since February, and it almost brings a tear to my eye to report we probably only have another 5-10 blogs before our journey concludes.

When we left you, we were fleeing Mormon Country as fast as our newly purchased wheels could carry us. Our destination was to the northeast, the Cowboy State – Wyoming.

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Misadventures in Mormon Country: Week 37

Greetings from Wyoming, as the Great Swing Back East continues, Cowboy-edition. When you last heard from us, we were wrapping up our time in Sin City and nursing what was essentially a two week hangover mixed with mild dehydration.

The time since our last post did not go as smoothly as it could have, to say the least, which forced us to miss quite a bit of our week in our last stop, Salt Lake City, Utah. Things had gone too smoothly thus far on our trip, and we were due for something like this.

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The Best and Worst Place in the World: Weeks 35 and 36

Hello to all our loyal readers – here is proof of life that we have survived our two weeks in Las Vegas, and at least haven’t lost so much money that I’ve needed to pawn my computer.

The title of this post comes succinct piece of wisdom delivered by a slightly buzzed Morgan on our first night here, marveling at the chaos of the Strip. After all, we’d just spent a week in a town where the excitement was limited to minor league baseball and watching a semi-regular flow of people hotboxing cars down the street from our Airbnb.

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To Sur, With Love: Week 32

Hello from our latest (but not greatest) stop of Fresno, California – a city I mostly know from the Fresno chile, often used in Bon Appetit recipes but seemingly never available at the supermarket (I use serranos instead).

Tower District, Fresno, CA

I spent the previous week, however, in a much better known and beloved place – California’s Central Coast and Big Sur.

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Condors in San Diego, Zebras in Tijuana: Week 31

Hello again from California, where Linus and I have arrived at our second (and final) Morgan-less stop on our father-cat son adventure through the Golden State.

Cambria, CA, Looking North – May 2022

For the next week, we’ll be in the town of Cambria, about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco on California’s Central Coast.

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From Sea to Shining Sea: Week 30

“San Diego has always been where Americans go to escape America and find they have run out of country.”

Charles Bowden, Red Line
The southwesternmost point of the Continental United States, Imperial Beach, CA – April 2022

Greetings from San Diego where, it’s true – I’ve run out of country on our journey west, even though escaping has never been our goal. It’s taken a little mental adjustment not just leaving the desert, but coming to California, with everything that means. Morgan is firmly settled on a different coast, enjoying a quiet few weeks in one of the quieter corners of Florida.

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Life in Florida, and the Florida of the West: Weeks 28 & 29

Greetings to all our readers, and welcome to our latest and greatest destination: San Diego, California. I will do my damnedest to avoid too many Anchorman references, but no promises.

I arrived here on Sunday after departing from the criminally underrated city of Tucson. I’ve jokingly referred to Arizona as the Florida of the West early on in our visit here. But the longer I’ve thought about the concept, the more appropriate it seems. Consider the following:

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