On The Road Again: A Year Of Traveling

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By Nick Pisano

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  • Where The Wind Comes Sweepin’ Down The Plain: Weeks 42 and 43
    Hello again faithful readers, as we check in from Rogers, Arkansas. “Where?” you ask? Or maybe “Why?” We’ll answer both of those a few weeks hence, but suffice to say this was a deliberate stop and not another car-related stranding. This blog is instead about […]
  • Purple Mountain Majesties: Weeks 40 and 41
    Greetings to our loyal readers who’ve followed us more than 15,000 miles across this great country and now, most of the way back. We’ve arrived at our new digs in Oklahoma City, in a state that no one can quite agree if it’s part of […]
  • Don’t Fence Me In: Weeks 38 and 39
    Hello and welcome to yet another chapter of our Great Swing Back East. We’re now fully east of the Rockies for the first time since February, and it almost brings a tear to my eye to report we probably only have another 5-10 blogs before […]

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