On The Road Again: A Year Of Traveling

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By Nick Pisano

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  • Terminus: Weeks 48 and 49
    Greetings from Tarpon Springs, northwest of Tampa on Florida’s gulf coast. Apologies for the utter and complete lateness of this blog. Since departing Atlanta, the subject of this blog, we’ve been in Florida, which has had a bit going on lately, if you haven’t heard. […]
  • Mid-South Madness: Weeks 46 and 47
    Hello from the final stop on our now nearly-completed cross-country journey, Atlanta, Georgia. We’ve been back in the south in earnest for a few weeks now, in some ways since Rogers. But our most recent stop before this one made it clear – Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Living Better In Walton’s World: Weeks 44 and 45
    Hello again from yet another state, as we hurtle full-speed back toward the east coast. We’re here in Memphis, Tennessee, on the right side of the Mississippi River for the first time since January. For lack of a better term, we’re back in the real […]

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