On The Road Again: A Year Of Traveling

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By Nick Pisano

New From The Road Goes On Forever

  • To Sur, With Love: Week 32
    Hello from our latest (but not greatest) stop of Fresno, California – a city I mostly know from the Fresno chile, often used in Bon Appetit recipes but seemingly never available at the supermarket (I use serranos instead). I spent the previous week, however, in […]
  • Condors in San Diego, Zebras in Tijuana: Week 31
    Hello again from California, where Linus and I have arrived at our second (and final) Morgan-less stop on our father-cat son adventure through the Golden State. For the next week, we’ll be in the town of Cambria, about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco […]
  • From Sea to Shining Sea: Week 30
    “San Diego has always been where Americans go to escape America and find they have run out of country.” Charles Bowden, Red Line Greetings from San Diego where, it’s true – I’ve run out of country on our journey west, even though escaping has never […]

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