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Welcome to The Road Goes On Forever

Getting started can be the hardest part of doing anything. After that initial push, inertia can take over and you can truck along on a little energy and a lot of momentum. Right now, I’m still on the initial push, in more ways than one.

In less than five months, if all goes according to plan, my girlfriend Morgan and I will set out on an RV trip through all 48 contiguous US states. Conservatively, this will take 18 months, but two years seems like a more likely timeframe. After all, there’s still so much we don’t know that we don’t even know we don’t know. But after five months of working in earnest on an idea we decided on less than a year ago, there’s at least a sense that it’s a thing that can be done.

For the past few months, I’ve been writing in a way I haven’t in years, or really since I was in college. It’s been a nice feeling realizing I can still put together words in a way people enjoy, and in a way that can make me enough money to keep a roof over my head. It’s also made me realize that, for once, I’ll soon be doing things people might actually be interested in seeing and knowing about. I’ll be posting some of that here, along with videos, pictures, travel updates and content, and more.

I can’t say there’s a real plan for what this site will be. Check back now and then and we’ll figure it out together.

Nick Pisano

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