Going For A Walk – One Week Out

jersey shore ortley beach
Ortley Beach, NJ – Aug. 2018

Just over a week from today, I’ll head off on the first leg of my walk from Cape May to Atlantic City, and ultimately, the entire Jersey Shore. I’ll be heading out to Lewes, Delaware, on Friday night and spending Saturday in Delaware with Morgan. I’ll catch an afternoon ferry from Lewes to Cape May, and we’ll be off.

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Three Neat Tricks To Drive Yourself Crazy Planning an RV Trip

I honestly don’t remember when I first got into the idea of a long-term RV trip, but I think it probably came sometime in 2019. I had taken about six months off in late 2018 where I traveled from DC to Los Angeles via three Amtrak trains, and drove almost 2,000 miles from West Texas through New Mexico and Arizona to Las Vegas, with trips in between to Kentucky, the Florida Keys, and Pittsburgh (on a week where low-temperature records were shattered.) The west, particularly the southwest, is intoxicating. I think growing up in the suburbs at the edge of the woods on a mountain in northern New Jersey (where you can barely see the end of your block) makes the allure of wide-open spaces particularly captivating.

Near Seligman, Arizona – Dec 2018
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