I Know Where I Got My Shoes: Week 10

Hello again from New Orleans, where we have quickly evolved to deal with the new joys and hazards of our environment.

I can tell how much of a tourist I look like on any given day by the number of guys on the street who ask me some variation of, “hey, I bet you I can tell you where you got your shoes.” The answer is, of course, “on your feet” or “on XYZ street (wherever you’re currently standing.) This is then followed up by a request for money, or in some cases, extended harassment when money isn’t turned over. If I’m carrying my bright blue day pack, or sipping on a novelty drink, I’ll get asked. If I’m walking briskly enough, most people seem to assume I know what I’m doing and where I’m going, and leave me alone. This same phenomenon results in me getting asked for lots of directions, something I’ve given up on doing after realizing I may have sent someone slightly astray. Hope you found that laundromat, sir.

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10 Must-Have Road Trip Essentials For Your Next Vacation

Ah, road trips. The allure of the long white line drawing you into the distance and toward adventure. But forgetting some crucial road trip essentials is an easy way to turn your dream vacation into the car ride from hell. We rounded our list of the must-have, can’t forget items that will keep you and your fellow travelers happy, entertained, safe, and fed no matter how far the road takes you.

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4 Days in Big Bend: A West Texas Road Trip Pt. 2

This is part two of our four-day Big Bend road trip through West Texas. If you missed it, here’s part one, with days 1 and 2 of the trip.

West Texas Road Trip Day 3: Terlingua to Marfa (122 Miles)

Good morning! Hope you got up early to check out one of those famous West Texas sunrises.

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4 Days In Big Bend: A West Texas Road Trip

A long weekend road trip to Big Bend that’ll have you coming back for years to come.

It’s called Big Bend for a reason – people aren’t kidding when they say everything is bigger in Texas. Also known as Far West Texas or Transpecos, it’s larger than South Carolina. Still, it is home to fewer than a hundred thousand people outside the populous El Paso metro. The area is defined by the beautiful, desolate Chihuahuan Desert, North America’s largest, and the sweeping bend in the Rio Grande that gives the region its name. And remote doesn’t even begin to describe most parts of the area. No matter where you are, you’re practically a few hours from anywhere.

All of these issues mean most Americans (and even many Texans) have never made the trek. But they’re missing out on some of the state’s most unbelievable natural beauty, quirkiest small towns, and authentic border culture. With just a few days, you can get a taste of the region that’ll have you coming back for more again and again.

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