On The Road Again: A Year Of Traveling

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By Nick Pisano

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  • Mid-South Madness: Weeks 46 and 47
    Hello from the final stop on our now nearly-completed cross-country journey, Atlanta, Georgia. We’ve been back in the south in earnest for a few weeks now, in some ways since Rogers. But our most recent stop before this one made it clear – Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Living Better In Walton’s World: Weeks 44 and 45
    Hello again from yet another state, as we hurtle full-speed back toward the east coast. We’re here in Memphis, Tennessee, on the right side of the Mississippi River for the first time since January. For lack of a better term, we’re back in the real […]
  • Where The Wind Comes Sweepin’ Down The Plain: Weeks 42 and 43
    Hello again faithful readers, as we check in from Rogers, Arkansas. “Where?” you ask? Or maybe “Why?” We’ll answer both of those a few weeks hence, but suffice to say this was a deliberate stop and not another car-related stranding. This blog is instead about […]

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